Learners' Support

At our recent Ofsted inspection it was noted that there is “very good support and mentoring helps learners build confidence in their ability to succeed” and “managers set high standards and have created a support culture that ensures learners develop and succeed.

mentoringTo encourage learners to achieve we understand there may be external factors that may disrupt or prolong their achievement, therefore, we offer a mentoring service. Qualified mentors are based at all our sites in London and Essex to provide support and guidance to those who are experiencing problems either at college, in-work or at home that could affect their course progression. All information passed onto our mentors is dealt with in the strictest confidence. Regular support is given to the learner and access to external support if needed.
safeguardingCentral Training Group believes every learner has the right to learn and work in a safe environment and have someone they can rely on. All learning environments and workplaces are checked to ensure they are a safe environment for learners and staff.  To ensure that learners are safety aware they complete a health and safety introduction to both their workplace and the college and this is updated throughout their course
mentoringCentral Training Group aims to provide an environment that promotes equality and diversity. It is paramount to us that staff and students work actively to overcome discrimination on grounds of age, transgender, married or civil partnership, pregnancy, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or status.

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